Thursday, April 17, 2014

Update: Bioware hints at ‘Mass Effect 4’ coming to Xbox One and PS4

During a Mass Effect panel that took place this past weekend at PAX East, Biowareoffered a few hints about the next installment of their popular sci-fi franchise and what platforms the title is currently being created on. According to a report by Canadian tech site Canoe on April 15 the developer hinted at the possibility of the next Mass Effect game appearing on the new generation of consoles
Considering the fact that there has been no release date as of yet specified for the next entry in the Mass Effect series, meaning the game isn’t expected to release relatively soon, it seem logical to assume that the game is being developed for the Xbox Oneand PS4. However, Bioware is choosing to remain quiet about exactly which platforms the game will eventually launch on.
After being asked about the whether the game will launch for the current generation systems during the PAX East panel, Mass Effect art director Joel MacMillan refused to outright confirm that the upcoming title is heading to either Xbox One or PS4 while also hinting that it is likely in the following response.
It's kind of tricky to officially comment on that, but I mean, gen4looks pretty awesome and Mass Effect's an awesome-looking game.
The developer also plans to release Dragon Age: Inquisition later this fall on Xbox One, PS4, PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 which might be indicative of their plans for the next Mass Effect’s platform availability. Since both games are being developed at the same time and each will use the Frostbite 3 engine, it’s easy to think that the new Mass Effect title might release of the same platforms. However, the game could just as easily be available only on ether last generation consoles or even be exclusively for the Xbox One and PS4.
The fourth installment of the Mass Effectfranchise will see the introduction of a new protagonist after Commander Shepard’s narrative, which spanned the first Mass Effect trilogy, official concluded in Mass Effect 3. No other details regarding the game have been released at this point. It isn’t even clear at what point the new game will within the timeline of the Mass Effectuniverse.
Update: During the same Bioware PAX East panel discussion from this past weekend, the developer also answered questions regarding the possibility that same-sex relationships could appear within the nextMass Effect game. Canoe once againreported that Bioware's Cathleen Rootsaert answered, "We can't divulge that. But, I'll just say that inclusivity is part of the BioWare mandate. So, we do our best."
Bioware games are becoming well known for their inclusion of in-game romances which allow fans to choose a character from the game to engage in a variety of courting rituals with. The developer is also embraced same-sex relationships in many of their past titles so it does seem likely that they would continue to do so with the newMass Effect game.

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