Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mass Effect 4 News: Storyline Rumored To Be A Prequel Of Shepard’s Training! New Playable Character Could Be Garrus Or Tali!

Both Bethesda and Bioware are looking to add a fourth sequel to their respective gamingfranchise and there is a great deal of mystery behind the release dates for both Fallout 4 and Mass Effect 4.
Both gaming series has received a lot of buzz from the fans on various discussion sites but thegame developers have yet to announce anything on when these games will arrive.

Fallout 4, in particular, hasn't been announced by Bethesda but fans have been following closely on the many leaks that have surfaced which claims that the game is in development.
On the other hand, there is Mass Effect 4 which is confirmed by Bioware to be in the makings. The fans of this upcoming game have learned that Mass Effect 4 will be a brand new adventure with a new protagonist. Then again, the date of arrival is still undecided despite the Mass Effect 4 being in the late stages of production.
Nevertheless, fans have been assuming that both titles will be on the shelves by mid-2015. In addition to that, there are rumours that hint on the games coming in the holiday season at the end of this year.
For Mass Effect 4, this is possible but unlikely. A major gaming title would want to compete for the Game of the Year awards and releasing it late will give it a disadvantage.
As for Fallout 4, there is no telling if this may happen due to the tight lips of Bethesda.
Rumors online says the story could be a possible prequel, and would see Shepard during his training or when he was a rookie. Other ideas being thrown are playing as other characters like Garrus or Tali and seeing what happened before they met Shepard (or between the games plot lines) Another idea could be playing as a different alien like a Salarian,Turian or Geth during the events of the three games. Imagine playing as a Salarian STG Agent or Geth Trooper during the final battle on earth or playing as a different Human Marine fighting the collectors during the Mass Effect 2 Story.
All in all, both titles will arrive at some point of time as they are too big to be ignored by their respective game developers. Of course, nothing will be sweeter if both games get released in 2014.

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