Friday, November 7, 2014

New Concept Art For Next Mass Effect Released

Today during a special livestream event on N7 Day, BioWare released some new concept art for theupcoming new Mass Effect game for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Developers said they are trying hard to ensure that the next Mass Effect game is not Mass Effect 4, but rather, something much larger with more diverse worlds and characters. BioWare also revealed today that it has brought on Halo 4 writer Scott Schlerf to work on the upcoming Mass Effect game.

As for when we might get to see more of the next Mass Effect, BioWare wouldn't give a firm answer. However, the studio explained that it's making solid progress on the game, due in part to developers who worked on Dragon Age: Inquisition shifting over to Mass Effect now that the project is finished. As a result, BioWare might decide to show off the game in a few months, though the studio said it won't show anything more until it's ready.

Also during the event, BioWare developers revealed that the next Mass Effect will feature new alien races and species. The developer also explained that the game will focus on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, though a release for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 has not been ruled out.

Happy N7 Day

Sunday, July 27, 2014

‘Mass Effect 4′ Brings Back the Mako, Set During Commander Shepard Era

‘Mass Effect 4′ Brings Back the Mako, Set During Commander Shepard Era

Let’s face it, although it was nice to see something from BioWare regarding the next title in the Mass Effect franchise, what EA had to show at their E3 2014 press conference was underwhelming. All we got were a few pieces of concept art and some brief quotes about the universe, before BioWare Creative Director Casey Hudson signed off with a, “We’ll have more to show you in 2015″ message.

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But before they completely blow the lid off Mass Effect 4, BioWare took the stage at Comic-Con 2014 to share a little more about their vision for the future of the Mass Effect franchise in a panel titled “Charting a Course: Developing the Next Mass Effect.” The panel, again, mostly focused on overarching concepts more than concrete details, but it did include some newsworthy reveals.

First and foremost, BioWare wanted to establish that this next Mass Effect game will be set during the same time period as the first ME trilogy, but will not feature Commander Shepard. The developers didn’t rule out the possibility of running into familiar places, but since this game will focus on exploring a vast universe that’s not necessarily a given.

Mass Effect 4 Mako Concept Art

On a similar note, BioWare confirmed the return of the Mako – the all-terrain vehicle from the first Mass Effect. The crowd seemed very receptive to the idea of the Mako coming back, but that’s likely because they hope BioWare will be able to get things right this time.

The panel presentation also included some concept art for the new N7 armor sets players will be able to wear as either a female or male character. Whether that character will have a predetermined identity like Commander Shepard or if they will play him or her as a blank slate is unclear. It does sound like the player character will be an N7 Operative, which could put a unique spin on things.

While the idea of a new Commander Shepard-type character is intriguing, if BioWare wants to take a completely different approach we doubt fans would mind. Ultimately, it depends on how the story and gameplay work.

Mass Effect 4 New N7 Armor

Mass Effect 4 Male Hero Concept Art

Mass Effect 4 Female Hero Concept Art

And finally, the developers briefly touched on multiplayer – specifically that their focus is on a cooperative slant more so than a competitive one. That isn’t to say that competitive multiplayer won’t be in the game, but fans of Mass Effect 3‘s riff on horde mode will likely be the happiest to hear this news.

Unfortunately, that was it when it came to new Mass Effect news. We didn’t expect much from the panel, so what BioWare had to show was a surprise. The return of the Mako will likely draw a line in the sand among fans, but the brief footage they showed of the vehicle in action instilled some hope that this version will be much improved. Whether or not the game as a whole, however, can improve upon the original trilogy and welcome in newcomers won’t be clear until later next year.

How do you feel about the Mako returning for the next Mass Effect? Would you prefer a game that plays as close to the original Mass Effect games as possible or a radical deviation?

Mass Effect 4 currently has no release date.

Monday, June 9, 2014

BioWare E3 Official Trailer - Mass Effect and New Title Update

Get an unprecedented look at two new games in development at BioWare. In the next Mass Effect, you will travel to a new region of space, explore new worlds, and discover new characters. At the same time, BioWare is creating a whole new game, built in an entirely new fictional world that is constantly changing.

BioWare E3 Official Trailer - Mass Effect and New Title Update

BioWare E3 Official Trailer - Mass Effect and New…:

Concept art of the new mass effect game

Saturday, June 7, 2014


EA comes has come with one success after another in 2014. The success of the Titanfall games is one indication of such a huge success. However, there is more to come for EA. At the coming E3 2014, the company will show to the public its trailer of probably the most awaited game launching for the year: Mass Effect 4!
The Game Comes with a New Story
BioWare is rewriting a new story and Commander Shepard will be out of the story in the game. A spokesperson for BioWare revealed that they are giving the story a new direction and have agreed to a story where the events do not related to the Shepard events of the previous 3 game releases. This may be good news for those who want the game to go into a different direction of action and thrill. News story lines always have a different touch to it. It produces anticipation and questions on the mind of the players. What’ next? What happens? Can bring the game to whole different level.
The Games Will Use Frostbite 3.0
BioWare GM Aaryn Flyyn reveals that Mass Effect 4 will run on Frostbite 3.0 and so you can expect clear and outstanding visuals and images. The Frostbite 3.0 will also be used on other games like Dragon Age: Inquisitions due for release on October 7, 2014.
The Frostbite 3.0 engine has proven to be very excellent in terms of speed and the way the graphics in the game move. It is very fast and realistic, to such a point that players and gamers become glued to the game for hours on end. Not a bad choice for the engine for Mass Effect 4.
The Games Will Be More Exciting
With the Mass Effect 4, gamers can expect a different kind of story and game play. It will be more challenging, thrilling and mind-boggling. It is just what gamers want in their games. The new story may still have events that you can relate to the past three games. However, due to the new story line, it will be the new story that will be the subject of focus and discussion later.
The excitement of the game is still to come. So expect discussions when the games begin! There will be a lot of tips and cheats? It will then be enjoyable to read the forums and discussions once the gamers start moving along the new story line. It is entertainment, challenge and enjoyment all rolled into one.
Another Game to Thrill You Soon
Before you even get tired of Mass Effect 4, BioWare has slated Dragon Age: Inquisitions for release on October 7, 2014. That may look a few month away. But if you get glued to playing Mass Effect 4, you will surely forget the time frame. Before you know it, you will be challenged with two of the best games on the planet. It will now be more difficult to master the game and this gives it the edge above all the rest.

Mass Effect 4 Release Date Set For October 2015 As E3 2014 Trailer To Be Revealed Soon! What Can Fans Expect On BioWare's ME4?

The Mass Effect 4 release date has been set! E3 2014 trailer inbound?
Rumors have been going wild since Microsoft have allegedly said that they have a big third party exclusive to their Xbox One that will be featured in E3. The eyes all turned upon Mass Effect 4 which made some people panic and go ask industry insider Shinobi602. He replied with answers via his Twitter account that gave gamers some tiny details about Mass Effect 4.
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First of all, it is not an Xbox One exclusive so that rumor is now not true. Second, the upcoming fourth sequel to the highly successful franchise is currently in developments and Bioware is still lip-sealed on the name of the game. Despite that fact, a leak has hinted it to be called Mass Effect Contact. This could be due to the game, being about the first Humans and Aliens contact. However, Bioware has finally spoken and it appears that Mass Effect Contact won't be the name of the game. The game's studio director, Yanick Roy, tweeted that a name is still being decided by the game developer.
He also said that a trailer has been ready for a while now and they plan on revealing it soon enough but will gamers see it in E3? BioWare still has not confirmed nor denied any news regarding showing Mass Effect 4 in E3.
Reports have also come in that BioWare Studio Director Yanick Roy tweet about Mass Effect 4 being in the mid-stages of development which we can predict a release date from by doing some maths. The game has been in development for 18 months and if he says that they are in the mid-stages then add another 18 months which makes us predict an October 2015 release date for Mass Effect 4.

Mass Effect 4 might be getting an E3 Reveal

Mass Effect 4 might be getting a reveal at E3 2014. A post on Twitter by Yannick Roy, says that the Studio Director for Bioware Montreal is heading to Los Angeles for E3, a trip that Roy rarely makes.
“Excited to be heading to LA for E3 this morning. My last visit was 8 years ago,” reads the post by Roy.
It would make a lot of sense for Electronic Arts to get the hype train rolling for the next Mass Effect game. While they haven’t revealed the game officially, Bioware has been openly talking about the game via Social Media and their blog for quite some time.
The last we heard, the fourth Mass Effect game was somewhere in the middle of the development process. Is a 2015 release in the cards for Mass Effect 4? We’ll likely find out when EA takes the stage at their press conference on Monday, June 9th.
Update: Rumors ahead of E3 also suggest that the new game will be called Mass Effect: Origins, and will start a new trilogy for the RPG.

Friday, June 6, 2014

EA Teases Details on ‘New’ BioWare Project Coming at E3 2014

Electronic Arts will show off “new projects” from a number of studios at its E3 2014 press conference, and among those listed is Mass Effect and Dragon Age developer BioWare.

EA’s press conference is set for noon PDT on Monday, and according to a press release, it’ll feature “the first look at the all-new Battlefield Hardline from Visceral Games, the latest from EA SPORTS FIFA 15, Madden NFL 15, EA SPORTS UFC, NHL 15, Dragon Age: Inquisition, The Sims 4 and more. EA will also give fans a behind-the-scenes look on new projects in development from DICE, BioWare, Criterion, and Waystone Games.”

Time for lots of speculation for everyone.

We already know BioWare is actively at work on Mass Effect 4, so it seems strange that if EA intends to share new details on the project, it wouldn’t refer to the title by name — but then again, the next Mass Effect installment is yet “unannounced” in an official capacity, and it’s high time for that to happen. If EA means to show off a new entry in that universe, E3 would be just the boisterous occasion to drop new screens, scenario details, and probably most importantly, an official title. We don’t have one yet, and that might explain why there’s no mention of Mass Effect on the press release.

Then again, recent trends among other publishers suggest that maybe development for new games in big, money-making series is going slow, and perhaps the whole new generation console transition isn’t going quite as well as was hoped. Seems like we’re seeing publishers announcing games that are fairly close to release, or smaller games in big franchises, like Tales from the Borderlands or the Witcher adventure game.

Then again, BioWare has Dragon Age: Inquisition set to drop in October. Depending on Mass Effect’s state of completion, it seems reasonable EA could want to talk about that at E3 for a release in 2015; then again, I wouldn’t be shocked to hear about some sort of side project coming out between Dragon Age and Mass Effect to fill the gap between.

Also among the items mentioned on EA’s list are new games from usually Battlefield dev DICE, Burnout and Need for Speed developer Criterion, and Waystone, the maker of free-to-play MMO Dawngate. We already know DICE is working on Star Wars Battlefront, which also isn’t mentioned by name, and there have been rumblings that Mirror’s Edge 2 could pop up at E3 as well.

Criterion lost about 80 percent of its staff late last year, as around 60 developers moved on to Ghost Games to continue work on Need for Speed titles, as well as co-founders Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry. Before his departure, Ward said Criterion was moving away from racing to work in other genres, so who knows what we might see from the studio. Another Star Wars game feels pretty likely, though.

And as for Waystone — well, who knows.

Oh, and expect some new info on Titanfall as Respawn continues to roll out features that probably should have shipped with the boxed product at launch, like Titan customization features and a new game mode.

You can watch the EA press conference live stream at Let us know what you idly speculate EA will announce in the comments.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Mass Effect 4 Rumors Dissected

Rumours and speculations surrounding the upcoming Mass Effect 4 have corrupted many fans’ expectations on the upcoming game. Apparently, the hype on Mass Effect

Rumours and speculations surrounding the upcoming Mass Effect 4 have corrupted many fans’ expectations on the upcoming game. Apparently, the hype on Mass Effect 4 is so great that it jumbled up all the suggestions, leaks and rumours with truth and more truth.

I have looked into the matter and have been able to segregate the facts from fictions. Allow me to be your eyes on this one. For a start, I shall bring up the thing that most players believed. Commander Shepard won’t mak e it into Mass Effect 4. I would call this information, false.
The Stargazers have already informed us that more is to come surrounding Commander Shepard. There are numerous articles out there suggesting otherwise. After reviewing them all, most of them failed in providing a source. The statement believed to be made from the developers is a hoax.
On the other hand, if you’ve played the ending to Mass Effect 3, you should know that Shepard is still alive. This is of course if you choose to play it with high EMS. Without it, Shepard won’t appear.
However, these are facts or likely truth. Do not hesitate to take it with a pinch of salt. We will know for sure once Bioware announce something official about Mass Effect 4.

Mass Effect 4: Of Paradoxes, Illusions of Choice and Brave New Worlds

Mass Effect 4. It’s easy to underestimate the importance of that name especially after the controversy that dogged Mass Effect 3. While the final name will be something else entirely, it will indeed be the continuation of the original trilogy that helped put Bioware on the AAA blockbuster map.
The controversy that defined Mass Effect 3 essentially centred on choice or the lack thereof the same. It was theorized that the series was more about the illusion of choice – one was led to believe their actions would affect change when eventing was pre-empted from the beginning. Shepard’s journey into the darkness of indoctrination began from the first game in small bits, eventually culminating in an emotional battle for the fate of his well-being, taken as synonymous with the fate of the universe.

Bioware was chastised for going out of bounds with Mass Effect after the third game; is the solution to stay in bounds for Mass Effect 4 onwards? That doesn’t seem like the wisest way to go about things.

The ultimate emotional choice at the end was deciding how we as players ultimately wanted to feel about the ending. Did Shepard die? Was Shepard victorious in the battle against himself – a far greater battle since he/she was viewed as the bastion of incorruptibility that the Reapers could never touch but indeed did? Where to next?
The “next” part essentially bugged people. Big battles need big resolutions and for better or worse, Mass Effect 3 eventually received its resolution. Nevertheless, there wasn’t much resolution to the illusion that Bioware had created. If anything, there was abject criticism that any developer would want to give us anything other than a big, fat happy ending (with some accolades thrown on top).
Mass Effect 4 will be taking a different route, employing “meaningful” choice that will actually have an effect on the end game. The problem isn’t whether we can get invested in a brand new cast and universe of characters – loosely tied to Shepard as they may be – but whether we can invest in another trilogy-style story-telling session that will need to be different. Bioware was chastised for going out of bounds with Mass Effect after the third game; is the solution to stay in bounds for Mass Effect 4 onwards? That doesn’t seem like the wisest way to go about things.
When it comes to gameplay, it’s likely we’ll continue in the third person/action RPG framework constructed earlier. Further refinements may see a less stiff movement pattern, a further refinement of those SWAT-rolls and quick cover ducking along with smoother animation transitions into special abilities.

For Mass Effect 4, a single-player narrative will suit the game best. There is an immediate shortage of compelling single-player stories these days, especially in the realm of pseudo-RPGs.

On one hand, Bioware could easily expand on the multiplayer concept from the third game and create a Tom Clancy’s The Division-like MMO based on space exploration and survival. Then again, this would essentially be Bungie’s Destiny so there seems to be very little point in creating the same. Besides, there’s far more hype centred on the $500 million dollar MMO shooter that could wind up as Bungie’s next magnum opus.
For Mass Effect 4, a single-player narrative will suit the game best. There is an immediate shortage of compelling single-player stories these days, especially in the realm of pseudo-RPGs. Sure, eventually games like Assassin’s Creed will sate our desire for an open world narrative but that’s not what games like Mass Effect do. Mass Effect 4 will have to be pointed and focused. It’ll have to be old school but somehow do something different to compel us to explore it further.
This brings one back to the so-called “hooks” in gaming. This doesn’t mean every game must now feature some gimmick to attract a player, pretending to be new while really just re-presenting the old in a shinier package. It means there has to be something compelling in the game to attract the player within the first few minutes of playing it. Luckily, Bioware is an expert in creating such hooks.
The first Mass Effect drew us in with its concise, mature story-telling and RPG mechanics. The second created a shocking opening and eventually segued in some new action elements. The third went full action RPG and created a world that had begun to fall apart.

The fourth Mass Effect will need to work to establish a new, fresh groundwork without being too obvious to the original. It will need to immediately jolt the player without making them like it’s a cheap tactic to get one interested in the action for the next 15 minutes while the remaining game is a slog. How easy would it be to cop-out and do a straight action title with Frostbite 3 destructibility and set pieces? It could turn out to be the most difficult thing possible but it won’t feel like Mass Effect.
What is Mass Effect though? As stated earlier, it was a collective delusion of choice masquerading as a meaningful journey, an action title masquerading as a character development saga, an RPG masquerading as an action game (and vice versa) and a tale of civilizational decline masquerading as a science fiction story of good versus evil. Mass Effect is a web of paradoxes and hypocrisies that delivered one of the most unique narrative experiences in the past decade, and arguably one of the most compelling stories of all time despite the controversy surrounding the ending.
This could be why Mass Effect 4 will seek to distance itself from the same. It’s healthier to create a whole list of new paradoxes to shape a game rather than trying to adhere to the old ones. Whether this was result in a compelling experience or not remains to be seen. At this point, crafting a new universe and characters feels secondary to defining the boundaries of the name they’ll need to live up to.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Mass Effect 4: How You Could Be An Alien This Round

It is no secret that Mass Effect 4 is coming for a release and the fans are excited and eager to get their hands on the game. Fans can expect a much improved gameplay with a vast galaxy to explore. It is sad that Commander Shepard won’t make any appearance in the game. However, the idea of a new storyline will give the franchise a fresh new start.
According to GameRant, Mass Effect series executive producer, Casey Hudson has been scouting on what fans want in Mass Effect 4. He stumbled upon a thread calling for more alien race to be made playable. The fans voices were heard as Hudson confirmed the feature will be added on a Tweet.
With more playable alien races, the game’s interactive nature will have to be much broader this time. Players will experience a more unique and diverse narration in Mass Effect 4. As for what alien race that will feature is still unknown.
The most likely entry to playable races will be the Krogan and Vorcha. These races have a different physique, strengths and weaknesses that will make Mass Effect 4 more complex than ever.
Fans need not worry as Bioware will equip Mass Effect 4 with a new game engine which wills open doors to more possibilities. In addition to that, the game developer will preserve that traditional gameplay from the first trilogy.

Mass Effect 4 And Fallout 4 Release Date Leaked As Fans Are Becoming Irate Which Allegedly Forced Bethesda To Spill The Beans?

Mass Effect 4 And Fallout 4 Release Date: The gaming community lost its patience waiting for these games to be released and this will happen in the end, but don't expect to be very soon. If Mass Effect 4 is supposed to be released in 2015, in the mid or later, there are no speculations at the moment regarding Fallout 4's release date.
These two games will whiten the fans' hairs that can't wait to play them. But in the absence of an official announcement about their release dates, all kinds of rumors and speculations are spreading all over Twitter or Facebook and on other social media websites, but should we believe these predictions, or they're just inventions to torment both games' fans?
It's very frustrating for everybody, because the creators of the games, Bethesda, are very secretive, and they don't care how unhappy and angry are their fans. They still don't want to reveal the release dates of Fallout 4 and Mass Effect 4.
Analyzing all the statuses from Twitter, it's hard to assume or even what to believe anymore. While some gamers and analysts said that Effect 4 and Fallout 4 will see the sunlight in a few days, others think that it will take weeks or even months until the games will be released. There are also skeptical voices saying that Effect 4 and Fallout 4 will never be on the market.
Maybe the creators will surprise gamers on Christmas or at the beginning of next January, when many developers usually release their games. It's a plausible supposition but nothing is sure to happen, or gamers will just have to wait a little longer for the games to be released.

Monday, May 19, 2014

'Mass Effect 4' developer reveals customization stats from 'Mass Effect 3'

Aaryn Flynn has revealed some new customization statistics in regards to "Mass Effect 3." According to a report from Game Informer on May 16, the general manager of the Edmonton and Montreal studios stated that only 50 percent of players decided to change the look of Commander Shepard. Furthermore, the numbers differ dramatically based on the gender selected.

42 percent of players who went with the male version of Commander Shepard decided to keep the generic look, which was advertised in trailers and other types of media. On the other hand, 80 percent of users who decided on the female iteration of the main protagonist chose to change her facial features. Bioware never officially provided a generic look for Commander Shepard as a female until "Mass Effect 3" where fans have to vote on a set of preset models.

At PAX East 2013, a Bioware representative also revealed a somewhat interesting statistic as 82 percent of players opted to select to play as a male instead of female. The number may inferred that most of the fan base are male players. You can find an image showing the official models for the male and female versions of Commander Shepard from the "Mass Effect" Facebook page with the photo attached near the top of this article.

In the upcoming tentatively-titled "Mass Effect 4," players will be controlling a completely new character. Bioware stated in the past that the storyline involving Commander Shepard is completed as the protagonist won't be the star of the upcoming game. The plot of the fourth main game won't be set directly in the same period as the previous three titles as well.

"Mass Effect 4" is currently around 50 percent complete in terms of development. The software product could be shown off next month at E3 2014 during Electronic Arts' press conference. The publisher has six unannounced games, along with other known titles, that will be presented at the event.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mass Effect 4 (Mass Effect: Contact)possibilities before E3 news

Mass Effect 4 possibilities before E3 news

With all of the excitement involving E3 2014 and known games that are heading for reveals at the annual event, one game that you may have forgotten about in recent weeks is Mass Effect 4.

We know that the game is in development from series developers Bioware, but so far there is no official Mass Effect 4 release date and Bioware has also said that the game may not even be called Mass Effect 4 with the trilogy seemingly over after the end of Mass Effect 3.
With the game already deep in development, it’s a safe bet to assume that we are going to get a major Mass Effect 4 news reveal at E3 2014 and fans have been getting excited on social boards with the possibilities that could be on offer with a new game.
Without spoiling, we all know that the Mass Effect 3 ending left a number of unanswered questions. For the next game, would you like Bioware to focus completely on the story mode again, or would you like to see a bigger emphasis on the multiplayer this time around?
We have seen with other games in the genre that multiplayer is now starting to take focal point. Titanfall doesn’t even have a single-player campaign, while the upcoming and highly anticipated Destiny will feature multiplayer gameplay that focuses on social interaction.
Could Bioware be planning the same social aspects into Mass Effect 4 with regards to the relay system collapsing? Perhaps you would rather see DLC characters eliminated as a factor for Mass Effect 4, with Bioware putting even more effort into delivering another epic campaign.
E3 2014 is just around the corner and Mass Effect 4 or whatever the game will be called will most likely be a big highlight of the event. Let us know what you would like to see from the next game and what Bioware should and shouldn’t do.

Mass Effect 4 might actually be called Mass Effect: Contact

Mass Effect 4 might actually be called Mass Effect: Contact

We’re pretty certain that the next installment in Bioware’s popular sci-fi rpg franchise won’t be called Mass Effect 4, but we didn’t have an alternative name for it until now. This might change however as recent rumors coming from a well known industry insider have hinted at a possible title.
Ahsan Rasheed sparked the rumor earlier during a conversation he was having with another infamous insider who goes by the name of shinobi602. The two were apparently playing Wheel of Fortune on Twitter when Rasheed said that the next Mass Effect title will be called _ _ N T _ _ T. He also mentions a few of the letters that do not appear in the title to make it easier to guess.
A bunch of users on Twitter seem to think that the teased word is ‘ Contact ‘. I have to agree as it sounds like the most probable option, and it also has relevance within the Mass Effect universe. The name hints at the First Contact War, an event that takes place before the Mass Effect trilogy so we might be looking at a prequel here.
According to the game’s timeline, the First Contact War took place in 2157, three years after Commander Shepard was born. The conflict marks humanity’s first violent encounter with an extraterrestrial species, the Turians. The war culminates with the siege and occupation of Shanxi, the first human world to fall to an alien race.
If Mass Effect: Contact will be set during the First Contact War than that means Commander Shepard will not be making an appearance, just as Bioware indicated some time ago. Unfortunately, it’s very likely that we won’t be seeing other familiar faces from previous games either as most of them weren’t born by 2157, or were very young.
A previous report suggested that the next Mass Effect title will arrive in Spring 2015, we’ll probably find out more at E3 2014 where the game is rumored to make an appearance. Aside from the next Mass Effect, insider Ahsan Rasheed also mentioned a few other games that will be presented during this year’s event.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Mass Effect 4’ dev offers progress update on the game’s development cycle

While Bioware fans know that work on the fourth installment of theMass Effect franchise is currently underway, the developer has chosen to keep details on the upcoming title away from the public. Some gamers may that Bioware’s silence may indicate that the game is too early in the development cycle to talk about. However, Bioware’s Yanick Roy recently confirmed that they are currently in the middle stages of development on the next Mass Effect title according to a report by IGN on April 30.
Despite the fact that progress on the next entry of the Mass Effectseries might be further along that many had previously though, Bioware still isn’t opening up about any new details on the next game in their popular science fiction saga. While the game will be set in theMass Effect universe, it won’t feature Commander Shepard as protagonist. It could also take place during a completely different period rather than simply taking place at point in time following the events of Mass Effect 3.
Roy, who is the studio director of Bioware Montreal, previously stated that the team is more concerned with making the game good instead of fast. The next Mass Effect project is commonly referred to as “Mass Effect 4” but the developer has revealed that it will likely be titled something else when the game releases. This would allow the game to distinguish itself from the first three games in the series which all featured Shepard as the main character. Bioware hopes fans will see the next game a new beginning.
In other Mass Effect news, rumors are currently circulating that the original trilogy will be getting a HD remake that will release on the new generation of consoles. Since other developers are currently working to bring improved versions of their past titles to the Xbox One and PS4, it’s not out of the question to assume that Bioware might be interested in doing the same.

Mass Effect 4: Wishlist

What we know: Development progress, release date, engine and more

Although both EA and BioWare have confirmed a new entry in the Mass Effect series is in development, the game has not yet been officially revealed. As such, we're very light on actual details.
Luckily BioWare's developers are quite chatty and have given us some tiny morsels of information to use as jumping off points for wild spectulation and fantasising, which is what we do best here.
So, what do we know so far? Well, we know that it actually might not be called Mass Effect 4 and BioWare really doesn't like it when people call it that (for now, we're going to continue calling it that until there's an actual name, sorry BioWare).
Speaking to fans via the official BioWare forums, community manager Chris Priestly said that calling it Mass Effect 4 was doing the game a disservice.
"To call the next game Mass Effect 4 or ME4 is doing it a disservice and seems to cause a lot of confusion here. We have already said that the Commander Shepard trilogy is over and that the next game will not feature him/her," he said.
"That is the only detail you have on the game. I see people saying 'well, they'll have to pick a canon ending'. No, because the game does not have to come after. Or before. Or off to the side. Or with characters you know. Or yaddayaddayadda. Wherever, whenever, whoever, etc will all be revealed years down the road when we actually start talking about it."
Confirmation of a new Mass Effect project was first given in September 2012, when BioWare said it is in development alongside a new IP for "built from the bottom-up with all new gaming technology".
"The Mass Effect universe is vast, and [Executive Producer Casey Hudson] and our teams have plans for another full game," confirmed BioWare Edmonton and Montreal general manager Aaryn Flynn Flynn.
The sequel/prequel/whatever-it-is was teased in November 2013, when key staff, from series producer Michael Gamble to executive producer Casey Hudson and BioWare Montreal studio director Yanick Roy, took to Twitter to post a number of images of staff at work on "the next chapter of Mass Effect".
EA has said BioWare Montreal is principal developer on the new Mass Effect, with original developer BioWare Edmonton now working on a brand new IP.
Interestingly, Mass Effect game will share "core systems" with Dragon Age 3: Inquisition, which will launch on October 7. While the release of a new Mass Effect is like some time away, the similarities mean that the next Dragon Age could be a good indication of what to expect.
In December 2012 it was reported thatMass Effect 4 release date will fall in the 'late 2014 to mid-2015' release window, but BioWare quickly debunked the rumor and branded the reports as inaccurate.
Although BioWare has since updated us to let us know the new Mass Effect is "somewhere in the middle" stage of development, we still haven't heard a peep about gameplay, story, setting or much of anything else for that matter.

What we want: Returning characters, multiplayer, more RPG hooks and more
While it was great to see Mass Effect go from a risky new IP to one of the most beloved properties in gaming, the growth in popularity was a bittersweet pill to swallow for fans of BioWare's classic games and RPG purists.

With each new entry, the gameplay elements that got cranked up the serotonin levels in RPG fans were progressively stripped away, leaving a streamlined, action-focused experience that - while no doubt impressive - lacked the extra depth of stat-driven role-playing.

If we're being realistic, the Mass Effect fanbase is probably too broad to re-introduce those elements. and such elements could risk alienating them, but games like Fallout 3 and Skyrim are evidence that there's still demand for honest-to-goodness, number-crunching, equipment-managing role-playing.

We'd love to see some of those classic RPG mechanics re-introduced for the next Mass Effect.

Although it's a big ask, we think the solution is creating two versions of the same experience, one where the intricacies of weapon and ability stats are exposed and open to fine-tuning by the player, and one where the game takes care all of that behind-the-scenes for the noobs casual players.

Even in Mass Effect 3 it felt like the game was crunching those numbers under the hood, it was just that none of us got to see it. In our ideal world we can select the hardcore mode and see how powerful each weapon is, and upgrade them as we'd like. We'd be able to fiddle with individual character stats and - yes, organise our massive inventory (we actually miss that).
A strong argument could be made that Shepard is in fact the least interesting character in the Mass Effect universe. This is more a compliment to BioWare's ability to create fascinating secondary characters than a slight against its leading man or woman.

Although BioWare wants a clean break from Shepard's story we think there's still a good opportunity to delve into the history of supporting characters such as Garrus, whose days in C-Sec are referenced numerous times during the main trilogy but never really explored.

Wrex is a fierce Krogan Battlemaster and supposedly the most famed bounty hunter the battle-bred humpback warrior race has ever produced, but we've never been privy to the exploits that earned him this notoriety, and would very much like to experience them ourselves.

Perhaps Saren who, before the age of Commander Shepard, was held up as the most acclaimed Spectre of all time could take centre stage. It would certainly be interesting playing the character while knowing corruption and indoctrination lies in his future.

Similarly, Thane is an intergalactic hitman. A character - to steal that wonderful line from Blade Runner - who has seen things you people wouldn't believe. Imagine a Mass Effect type experience combined with Hitman: Blood Money-like gameplay, where you've got to scope out targets, figure out the various ways of taking the mark out and then executing the best one.

The Mass Effect universe is overflowing with characters that deserve some time in the spotlight. That's a testament to the game's fantastic writing. Perhaps BioWare can delve deeper into its own characters.
Alternatively, the fourth entry in the series could jump into the future and let players experience the consequences of their actions first-hand, but through the eyes of a character that was born many cycles later.

It would be very fitting of a BioWare game and, with some creative writing, could be a great way to carry forward all the decisions players have made in the trilogy thus far, as well as trade off the hundreds of hours of investment players already have in some of the characters.

At the end of Mass Effect 3, the entire mass relay network is heavily damaged. Although it would be interesting to see how the various races adapt without functioning relays, lore boffins will know that damaged relays could potentially devastate nearby planets and wipe out life. From both angles, the impact of the relay system's destruction could yield some fascinating stories.

The Mass Effect 3 ending left a number of questions BioWare could take a crack at addressing.

We'd love to see BioWare explore what happens to cultures and social hierarchies when the relay system collapses. What does everyone do with all that defunct technology? What happens when formerly warring races and factions are forced to live side-by-side? How did people come to terms with and handle something like synthesis?

We want answers, especially since that second question could result in the creation of a bunch of new races.
Mass Effect 3's multiplayer was a pleasant surprise for us.

What we expected was a tacked-on multiplayer comprised of the usual team deathmatch, free-for-all and capture the flag gameplay modes. But what we actually got was a honest-to-goodness horde co-operative multiplayer mode based on the wave-based survival mechanics of Gears of War 2 (and others). And best of all, it could be played co-operatively online.

Going online with a group of friends, each playing as a different class, and then working together to wipe out increasingly difficult enemy waves using the key strengths of each class had the same kind of feel as playing Team Fortress 2 with a group of buddies that know what they're doing. It was an exhilarating experience that was difficult to step away from thanks to a drip feed of new DLC.

We'd love to see BioWare expand on the multiplayer, and take its cues from games like League of Legends and Monday Night Combat. Players could group up and then attempt to fight their way through massive maps with the goal of reaching the other side and destroying a key area. Like creep mobs in a MOBA enemies would endlessly respawn, with harder varieties entering the fray as the game progresses.

To keep things interesting, each kill would be rewarded with experience and, at milestones, a new ability in the skill tree could become available. Of course, the player would be able to pick their path of progression to suit their playstyle or the needs of their team.

We'd also be up for a competitive mode that uses the same format, but also drops in another human-controlled squad that will inevitably clash at some point during the battle.
CUSTOMISATIONWe played through each Mass Effect title three times. The first time was as a good character, the second as a bad character and the third as a fugly character.

Yes it's a silly thing to want, but some our fondest Mass Effect moments were going into matters of life and death, or engaging in diplomatic discussions with aliens with our deformed, discriminatingly ugly character.

For the next Mass Effect we'd like to see BioWare give us more customisation options, both for our equipment and our characters.

Games like Forza have shown that, when given the opportunity, the variety of customisations the gaming community is able to create is absolutely stunning. We'd love to be able to draw up our own armour sets, or download some from an in-game store of some sort. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has an entire economy built around users creating and selling weapon decals, BioWare could have the same.

On top of that, we'd like to be able to create our own character from scratch and pinch features from other races. Of course, it'd be mad to ask for the ability to play as a Hanar character - combat would be out of the question, but we would kill to have our hero speak using the Hanar voice (maybe he/she has some Hanar ancestry, who cares, what ever it takes to make it happen!).

Basically, just let us create horrifying looking main characters for lulz, alright BioWare? Thanks.