Monday, April 14, 2014

Mass Effect 4: Fans Chime In On Most-Wanted Playable Races

The next big thing coming from BioWare is Mass Effect 4 and the game will start on a whole new adventure instead of continuing from the famous, Commander Shepard.

This upcoming fourth instalment to the highly successful gaming franchise is going to be huge as it is expected to debut on the next-gen consoles. On top of that, Mass Effect 4 will run on the latest Frostbite 3 game engine which opens the doors to many possibilities.

Fans are already excited by the potential with Mass Effect 4 and there has been many suggestions offered to BioWare for the game. The latest is with the races in the Mass Effect universe.

As we all know, BioWare has made it clear that more races will be made playable. One fan called InterGalacticMole felt that only four races will be laid out like how it is on Dragon Age Inquisition. After all, both Mass Effect 4 and Dragon Age 3 are two very similar games set in different ages.

Among all the races in Mass Effect, human, Asari, Salarian, Turian, Quarian, Krogan, Drell and Batarian are the ones wanted by the fans. It seems like the common agreement is with Turian and Batarian. Both of these races are among the most vulgar among all.

The fans have made their decisions clear although some still want to play as Yahg. Nevertheless, the fans have showed their excitement for Mass Effect 4 and it is up to BioWare to deliver. Which races would you have picked? Share with us your thoughts below.

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