Thursday, March 27, 2014

‘Mass Effect 4’ developer talks ‘Mass Effect’ weapon creation process

Before ‘Mass Effect 4,’ Bioware reveals early concept art from the series

Mass Effect 4’ designer talks minority and women representations in games

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Mass Effect 4 Development Timeline Points To PS4, Xbox One Launches

Bioware might have kept its lips sealed on the upcoming Mass Effect 4 game. This future title is currently in development and only bits-and pieces of information are revealed by the game developer.

As we all know, Mass Effect 4 will be something totally new. The protagonist, Commander Shepard, which we have all played and love have been retired from the franchise. As such a brand new storyline will be in place in the Mass Effect universe.

At the pace the development is going, there is a chance for Mass Effect 4 to debut this year. Of course, Yanick Roy slowed down the hype for the game by tweeting that the game developer is focused on doing it right over doing it fast.

Soon after the producer’s announcement, the general manager, Aaryn Flynn, expressed his excitement for Mass Effect 4. The lad recalled that it was 2 years ago when Mass Effect 3 was released and he can’t wait to get everyone back into the Mass Effect universe.

Based on these statements from the elites in Bioware, Mass Effect 4 will be released no later than next year for sure. If so, then the both the Xbox One and PS4 will be the ideal platform for the game. After all, Mass Effect 4 is something really huge which the existing consoles can’t comprehend.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Monday, March 3, 2014

Mass Effect Trilogy could appear on Xbox One and PS4 says BioWare

BioWare are considering upgraded versions of the first three Mass Effect games, with improved textures, and 1080p and 60fps visuals.

As far as anyone knew BioWare is busy working on Mass Effect 4, with the first hints about the new game having been made last year.

But after answering a question on Twitter it seems that they may also be considering bringing the original three games to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

‘We have discussed that internally. If we can put solid plans together we’ll share. Great to hear you’re keen’, said BioWare Edmonton and Montreal general manager Aaryn Flynn.

There is of course already a Mass Effect Trilogy for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, which was released in late 2012.

Although not improved in any way from the original versions it did go to the effort to create a PlayStation 3 version of the first game just for the compilation (although it was also made available separately).

Even so, bringing all three games to the new consoles will still require quite a bit of work – especially if they’re improved in the way the Twitter fan wants.

If it did happen though it would encourage BioWare to import saved data into the new game, although it’s not clear how relevant that would be as one of the few things we know about Mass Effect 4 is that it won’t star Commander Shepard.