Thursday, April 10, 2014

Expect Mass Effect 4 teasers and Dragon Age footage at PAX East

Bioware has revealed that it will indeed be officially taking part at this year’s PAX East (happening the upcoming weekend, if you were not up-to-date), and will be holding panels for Dragon Age: Inquisition and Mass Effect all weekend long (schedule below). With Dragon Age: Inquisition closing in on its launch day ever so fast, we’re sure to be seeing some new footage and reveals at the event. But the show-stealing panel will undoubtedly be the Mass Effect one, where not only will Bioware be celebrating the franchise as a whole, but will most likely be dropping a few teasers about the upcoming Mass Effect 4.

The game’s first logo and banner will probably make an appearance, and us pesky press members will be trying to pull out as much as possible from Bioware officials regarding the anticipated Mass Effect 4. We know that a number of significant Bioware staff members will be on scene, including Mass Effect series writer Cathleen Rootsaert, Dragon Age Creadive Head Mike Laidlaw and community manager Jessica Merizan. How much they’ll be willing to reveal is obviously unknown, but we shouldn’t expect anything major until E3 2014 in June. Despite that, there’s bound to be some insight and some talk about Mass Effect 4, especially since the series’ veteran writer will be present.

Besides the previously mentioned panels, Bioware will also be holding panels related to job possibilities within the company and will shed some insight upon the vast universe of Mass Effect. Based on the Panel schedule, it’s likely we’ll be getting hints at where and when Mass Effect 4 will be taking place, and not much else. Bioware has been so far doing a great job at keeping everything Mass Effect 4 related tightly under wraps, most likely as preparation for E3 this summer. We know that work on the first trailer for Mass Effect 4 has begun awhile ago, and by all accounts, it should be mostly ready by now. Despite this, it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing a Mass Effect 4 trailer at PAX. Still, hope dies last, so let’s see what Bioware has in store for fans.

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