Thursday, April 10, 2014

Mass Effect 4 might see the return of the Asari

Remember the extremely complex, feminine-only Asari society and their deeply religious way of life? Well, it seems like they will be returning in Mass Effect 4, the newest game in development in the Mass Effect saga. Bioware has been extremely reserved in releasing information about Mass Effect 4, but the developers often can’t help themselves and drops breadcrumbs to tease us fans with. This time around, it was Mass Effect 4 Executive Producer Casey Hudson who spilled the beans slightly, referring to the amazing technology and innovative content, as well as “Space Nuns” appearing in the game.

This technology might be referring to a new, improved version of the Frostbite 3 engine that we’ll be seeing in Mass Effect 4, further hinting at what we suspect to be the first truly next-gen title from Bioware. Sure, Dragon Age: Inquisition already looks great, but it’s nothing as mind-blowing as The Witcher 3 for instance. Bioware will most likely make a significant transition with Mass Effect 4.

And then there’s the “space nuns” reference, which hints at the Asari culture and society previously encountered in the initial Mass Effect trilogy. The return of this extremely complex sentient race bodes well, as fans were captivated by the earlier dialogues between Shepard and potential love-interest Liara T’Soni. Since there’s no way of knowing when (and where in the vast universe) Mass Effect 4 will be taking place, it’s nice to see some old elements returning and potentially being expanded upon.

While still under heavy wraps, Mass Effect 4 is expected to be showcased at this year’s E3 in June, while being released sometime in 2015. Mass Effect 4 is surely being developed for the PC, and an Xbox One and PS4 version is almost certainly a given too.

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