Thursday, April 3, 2014

Mass Effect 4 Devs Aren’t So Covert With The Details

The Half Life community are in turmoil with how Valve handles their fans. This isn’t the case for BioWare and the Mass Effect community. The game developer is not shy of giving away anything on the upcoming Mass Effect 4 game.

Just recently, a fan tweeted to Aaryn Flynn, asking if there will be a developer’s diary released for Mass Effect 4. The general manager then replied that there is. However, the game developer doesn’t intend to let out all the information in a single book. Aaryn claims that they will spread it out over time.

It gets more exciting after Aaryn revealed that there is so much to talk about and show with Mass Effect 4. A lot of time is required to reveal everything.

Aside from that, Mass Effect fans are already notified that this upcoming fourth sequel will be a fresh new start to a whole new trilogy. The Commander Shepard that the fans have played and love has been retired from the franchise.

Also, there is the game engine and features. BioWare has announced that Mass Effect 4 and Dragon Age 3 will have similar graphical capabilities thanks to the new and improved Frostbite engine.

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