Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Mass Effect 4 versus Mass Effect Movie: Which Is First?

As we all know, BioWare is busy developing the next Mass Effect game, Mass Effect 4. Similarly, Legendary Pictures is currently producing the Mass Effect movie. So which will arrive first?

Looking at the progress made with Mass Effect 4, it is for certain that the game will debut much earlier than the film. After all, Mass Effect 4 is already in its final stages in development. Soon, BioWare will run some tests for the game before distributing it to the world.

As for the film, Legendary Pictures CEO, Thomas Tull, admitted that the film’s production is not moving as there isn’t a great idea for it. The lad revealed that he is a huge fan of the game and don’t wish to screw it up. Mass Effect is so complex and difficult to create. The bar is very high and that is how Legendary Pictures like it.

Tull revealed that creating the Warcraft film is much easier. This is due to the RPG world, being more sophisticated than the Mass Effect universe.

All in all, the Mass Effect franchise will only benefit from both titles. Mass Effect 4 is expected to be a great game and so is the film.

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