Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mass Effect 4 Devs Aren’t So Shy With Details

Fans of the Mass Effect series are certainly thankful to have Bioware as the game’s developer. With Mass Effect 4 currently in production, Bioware has never kept a tight lips on the progress made. In fact, the game developer even teases the fans on many things coming to Mass Effect 4.

In the latest Tweet exchange between a fan and Bioware’s general manager, Aaryn Flynn revealed that the game developer will be looking to release the developers’ diaries later this month. It is like a journal which covered the entire production progress.

That’s not all. Aaryn also took the opportunity to pump in more hype into the fans. The general manager revealed that there is plenty to talk about and show. Aaryn added that a lot of time is required to cover everything.

The fans are certainly jumping in excitement upon hearing what Aaryn said. Could it be more video trailers or images of Mass Effect 4 coming to surface soon?

The last thing we learned about Mass Effect 4 is the fact that it runs on the latest game engine. Now, the fans are about to get more information on this highly anticipated title. With every passing day, it won’t be long until Bioware let out more key information on Mass Effect 4.

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