Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mass Effect 4 Details Confirmed Further

One of the biggest franchises in gaming history is set to see a fourth sequel added to it. If you’ve guessed Mass Effect 4, then you’re right. It is no secret that Bioware is busy developing the next Mass Effect title. However, not many know that Mass Effect 4 has nothing to do with the first Mass Effect trilogy.

Marc Walters confirms that Mass Effect 4 will be a fresh start with a whole new storyline. The lead writer added that a brand new protagonist will be running the show in this upcoming title. Walters revealed that the game developers discussed about this and agreed that Commander Shepard will face the axe.

It is not just with the famous protagonist from the first trilogy. The axing includes just about anything and everything related to Commander Shepard. Heck, it won’t even be called Mass Effect 4.

Fans of the franchise are disappointed as the protagonist they have played and loved didn’t get the ending it deserved in Mass Effect 3. In spite of that, an extended DLC was introduced to fulfil the fans’ demands.

Even the developers felt that is the appropriate ending for a great trilogy. Walters revealed that Mass Effect 3’s ending is the most logical approach and majority of the fans agrees with him. On the other hand, the minority has been emotional about it.

As for the storyline coming to Mass Effect 4, nothing has been revealed as of yet. Nevertheless, fans do hope that this fresh start will make them forget about Commander Shepard.

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