Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mass Effect 4: Andersen’s Time As A Soldier/Spectre? Fans Chime In On Dislike Of A Prequel

Recently over on Reddit one gamer speculated how they would think the story might play out if in Mass Effect 4 the game was to follow Anderson’s time as a soldier/spectre. They said that they were wondering about the game being a prequel and said that they thought there was a lot of potential there. However it seems that many gamers are totally against the idea of Mass Effect 4 being a prequel.

Another user pointed out that this is something that has been done as the first book was about the story of Anderson.

Gamers don’t want to rehash the same old stuff over and over again, as one user pointed out, what’s the point of playing if they know what’s going to happen in the game?

It seems that many gamers don’t care what happened twenty odd years before the first Mass Effect game. They only want to know what happens next, after Mass Effect 3. The game should be about discovery and this can only happen if it is a sequel with a brand new story line. A prequel means that the end of the game has been predetermined.

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