Saturday, February 8, 2014

Mass Effect 4: Blockbuster Callings, New Playgrounds?

Mass Effect 4 is the next big thing coming from Bioware and the fans are on overdrive as they patiently wait for the game’s arrival. Last we’ve heard from the game developer is that Mass Effect 4 is already playable and they are doing a thorough check. In other words they are playing the game.

In a recent Tweet conversation between Mike Gamble and Yanick Roy, the former was astounded by the looks of the game. Gamble revealed that there are new level environments and they all look superb.

On top of that, Bioware has returned to announce Mass Effect 4’s progress. It seems that the game developer is preparing to produce a trailer for the game. This is a huge sign for the gaming industry as an official trailer basically means a release date will be revealed.

Apart from that, the team of developers are planning on a skiing trip this weekend. For the fans, that doesn’t sound great at all as it translate to a two days’ long delay. Nevertheless, they could use a little break. Heck, it is also healthy for the game.

At the moment, there isn’t a release date attached to Mass Effect 4. At this rate, we may very well get the game sometime this year. Perhaps that upcoming trailer will reveal the date of arrival.

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