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Krogan Warlord Sentinel 

ME3 Krogan Warlord Sentinel
Krogan are large bipeds native to the planet Tuchanka, a world known for its harsh environment, scarce resources, and vicious predators. Until the invention of gunpowder, the leading cause of krogan fatalities was "eaten by predators." Though slow, krogan can take tremendous damage in combat, allowing them to inflict grievous harm with impunity.
Krogan Warlords have earned the dubious distinction of being the elder statesmen of the species. They hold little regard for the honor that other races often display in combat, resorting to hostage-taking and genocide when victory is at stake. Warlords lug battle hammers onto the field to make quick and brutal work of enemies foolish enough to stick around, and their maturity gives them unsurpassed regenerative capabilities, making them extremely difficult to kill when enraged.


Heavy Melee and Dodge 

  • Krogan Charge - The Krogan Warlord Sentinel charges forward a short distance and strikes an enemy with held weapons.
  • Battle Hammer - The Krogan Warlord Sentinel uses a heavy hammer to strike enemies.
  • The Krogan Warlord lacks a dodge maneuver.

Player Notes 

General Notes
  • The Krogan Warlord Sentinel is moves slower than other krogan and cannot take cover, though it is the only krogan with health regeneration and 1250 base shield. This make him a tank that even have great survivability even on gold if not played completely mindless.
    • Because of the huge size of the krogan and inability to use cower, maps with lots of high cover and walls is in favor for the Warlord as it make the use of softcover easier. Also maps with small "sections", areas that are separated by walls/cover, is good as it make it easier for the Warlord to come in melee range as the enemies will be more packed together will. On the same time it make it impossible for ranged units to hit the Warlord from half across the map.
  • Krogan Charge is replaced with a hammer attack that uses a charge based on the current hammer power. If no charges are present, then it will simply strike with the hammer.
    • Unlike Krogan Charge of other Krogan characters, the hammer blow will lock onto closer enemies even if they're moving. Geth Bombers are an exception to this; if they increase their height or zoom past the player, the hammer will strike nothing.
    • Running while executing the heavy melee will still allow the Krogan Warlord to do the Krogan Charge. The Krogan Warlord is unique in that its Krogan Charge deals damage in a small arc in front of the character.
  • When a Hammer Power is equipped, power damage affects the damage of the hammer. When the hammer is uncharged, melee upgrades affect damage output.
    • It is possible to use the Heavy Melee to cancel the animation of any Hammer Power when being activated (charging), allowing the Warlord to quickly unleash his charged hammer blow.
  • Pressing the melee button again after the Krogan Headbutt allows a second and third hit using the Battle Hammer; the final strike with the Hammer will consume any Hammer Power equipped.
  • The Warlord has the second highest hitstun resistance in the game, following the Geth Juggernaut Soldier, and he constantly regenerates health, making him one of the best characters to tank with.
  • Despite its great size the Warlord is in no way immune to sync-kills, and with its great health these are by far the most dangerous attacks against it. To effectively fight enemies with sync-kill attacks one should stand just out of reach, activate whatever hammer powers will be applied, and utilize conventional weapons until the target initiates one of its other attacks. This opening should easily be long enough to deliver a heavy melee and back off before the subject can recover.
    • Standing in a ramp will make it impossible for any unit to sync-kill you. Therefor it wise to be in the near of one so that you can flee from sync-kill unit. Then you will be able to handle them with melee if desired.
  • The Warlord spends a great deal of its time in melee attacks, making many weapons less useful. Many players, therefore, choose an armament that deals great damage in a very short period of time. Most shotguns naturally fit this role, but the Executioner pistol proves remarkably effective at slinging exactly one shot between melee hits while also dealing effective damage at moderate range. The Pistol Melee Stunner together with the Pistol Power Magnifier it a great substitute to the Shotgun Omni-Blade.
  • Phantoms and Atlases should be dealt with extreme care. Since the Warlord's Heavy Melee is slow, this can give said enemies chances to sync-kill the character.
    • Phantom will not really be a problem as they are killed by one hit from the, max damage specked, Biotic Hammer. This is also under the parameter that the Warlord have to be in rage and have some more melee or power bonuses in addition to that. This applies even on platinum.
  • Not even a turret are a great threat for the Warlord in rage. If not the distance is to great, he can easily charge it and kill it one swing of the hammer, (if it's charged). If you are a risk taker, he can also take out two turret if they are close to each other and the other can't start shooting before you are in melee-range of the other. This applies a least to gold.
  • With his natural hitstun resistance in addition to health regeneration granted by Warlord Rage, the Warlord can take punishment of the geth without fearing to have his attacks interrupted.
  • On higher difficulties, the Warlord is at his best combating Geth. The Geth's complete lack of sync-kills and relatively slow but consistent damage dealing from pyros and troopers, a defensively spec'd Warlord should be all but impossible to slay. This only holds true as long as it maintains a rage: without sufficient health regeneration the Warlord's inability to dodge or take cover will make it very difficult to continue combat. Players facing Geth on higher difficulties are advised to back off and hammer one or two units at a time until rage is restored.
  • Geth Pyros should be you first priority. When they have support they can quickly take down your health.
  • Brutes and Banshees should be dealt with extreme care. Since the Warlord's Heavy Melee is slow, this can give said enemies chances to sync-kill the character. The force and impact bonuses of biotic hammer can often stagger these foes, allowing the Krogan to step back, cast, and step forward to deliver a hammer blow without significant risk of retaliation.
  • Scions and Praetorians should be dealt with extreme care. Since the Warlord's Heavy Melee is slow, this can give said enemies chances to sync-kill the character.
  • Collectors are typically considered the most dangerous foe to the Krogan Warlord. Abominations will usually damage the Warlord even if killed by melee attacks, seeker swarms will easily disable hammer powers, and the Praetorian's sync-kills execute quickly and without much of a telegraph. To fight them the Warlord should rely heavily on its allies and focus on Collector Troopers and Captains first before moving to carefully engage Scions or Praetorians.
  • The interaction between Scions and Warlords is unusual: the Warlord's great health regeneration makes it largely proof against the Scion's armament at range, but up close the Warlord will quickly be sync-killed unless it wins quickly. Bear in mind, however, that the Scion's regular melee attack bears only moderate threat. If you see it begin swinging its arms, immediately begin to attack, backing off as it completes the animation.

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