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Talon Mercenary Engineer 

ME3 Talon Mercenary Engineer
Talon Mercenaries bring a shady reputation to the battlefield. These hard-bitten warriors typically take jobs from crooked organizations, but today find employment with the Alliance, who are desperate for skilled fighters in the war against the Reapers. Some find this troubling, but times are troubled.
Talon Mercenaries are feared for their deadly accuracy with the omni-bow, making their presence in the Alliance a necessary evil in the fight against the Reapers.


Heavy Melee and Dodge 

  • Omni-Bow - The Talon Mercenary Engineer fires spread of three bolts from his Omni-Bow in a spread (light melee), or to auto-track on a single target (heavy melee).
  • Combat Roll - The Talon Mercenary Engineer rolls to quickly evade incoming attacks.

Player Notes 

General Notes
  • The Talon is a long-range and zoning specialist that focus on dominating the battlefield, being able to fight either one or multiple enemies.
  • The Talon's powers revolve around good use of the Omni-Bow. Equipping a power will consume a grenade and give its effect to the next few volleys fired from the bow, until the power is cancelled or switched for another one. Volleys left of the effect are displayed by number of arrows on right arm.
  • All of the Talon's powers are grenade-based. The Talon will regenerate grenades at a rate dependent on weapon weight, which can be further boosted with the Rank 6 Charge Generation evolution of Elite Mercenary.
  • The Talon is unable to refill his stock with Thermal Clips. This is a bug that is being investigated.[1]
  • The omni-bow is considered a "melee" attack and as such gains damage bonuses from melee damage increases. Armor-Piercing Arrows and Concussive Arrows are based upon power damage and stacks with omni-bow damage.
  • With investments in melee damage, the Talon's omni-bow can eliminate the need for a longer-range weapon, allowing the Talon to maximize close-range firepower or minimize weight for optimal charge regeneration speed.
  • The Cain Trip Mine can be used to set up traps for enemies at chokepoints and spawn areas. Up to three can be active on the map. They are best deployed on walls, so that the beam reaches out from the wall rather than straight up into the ceiling.
  • As with the Demolisher, grenade capacity and usage are shared across grenade-using powers. As such, the Talon can carry 6 grenades just by evolving each power to level 2.
  • The Talon has a maximum capacity of 14 grenades if all capacity evolutions are chosen for their powers—this requires evolving both arrow powers to Rank 6 and Cain Trip Mine to at least Rank 5. Their capacity can be further increased by equipping Gear that increases grenade capacity, up to a maximum of 16 grenades with the Shock Trooper or Warfighter packages or 19 with the Grenade Capacity Gear.
The armor-piercing shots will take out the shields of almost any shielded enemy, especially if you are using the two arrows at a time combo and do some damage. Follow up with concussion arrow, or a weapon and it makes for a lethal combination.
  • It is important to note that armor-piercing shots have a weak effect on non-shielded enemies and concussion are weak against shielded enemies.
  • Be aware of Phantoms - due to their biotic barrier and the ability to dodge (which almost negates damage and any effects, i.e. stagger or knockback) it is very hard to score an effective hit with your bow.
  • The average trooper with the concussion effect on your bow will go down in a single shot.
  • Mines are very effective against an Atlas. One mine will totally destroy full shields instantly.
  • Geth bombers are near invulnerable to trip mines since they can pass over the laser.
  • Concussive Arrows are very useful for keeping husks at bay
  • The Banshee's biotic charge allows them to pass through trip mines without setting them off making it very hard to damage Banshees this way
  • Seeker Swarms have no effect since the Talon has no cooldown-based powers.
  • Concussive Arrows are very useful for keeping abominations at bay.

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