Friday, March 1, 2013

Awakened Collector Adept 

ME3 Awakened Collector Adept
When the Reaper-killer known as Leviathan fought the Collectors, it severed their connection to Harbinger with a thrall device. Most Collector forces died as a result, but a few survived. Now, these rare individuals fight for the memory of their people, a proud race broken by the Reapers.
Protheans appointed avatars to embody and model a single virtue for their society. The Awakened Collectors' virtue is vengeance.


Heavy Melee and Dodge 

  • Vengeful Strike - The Awakened Collector Adept charges a biotic attack for a brief period of time, and strikes out in a small area in front of it.
  • Ascension Mode - The Awakened Collector Adept's heavy melee increases damage output and recharge speed at the cost of increasing damage taken, for a short time.
  • Forewing Leap - The Awakened Collector Adept flies a short distance using wings on its back.

Player Notes 

General Notes
  • The Awakened's regular melee is a small blast of energy that knocks unprotected enemies away.
  • Ascension Mode will knock nearby enemies back when its animation is complete. It will not do any damage to them.
  • Forewing Leap functions similar to the Propulsion Packs of the Turian Ghost, Havoc, and Saboteur.
  • Dark Sphere will travel in a straight line to where the crosshairs are pointed, sticking to any solid surface or cover it encounters (including Geth Juggernaut's Hex Shield).
    • All enemies that Dark Sphere touches will be primed for a biotic explosion. Seeker Swarm can then be used to perform multiple biotic explosions in quick succession.
  • By evolving Seeker Swarm to apply damage reduction as well as adding on a fourth swarm, the damage taken from Ascension Mode can be completely canceled out.
  • Cerberus troops are highly mobile and will dodge the slow-moving Dark Sphere very often. Using choke points and evolving Dark Sphere to have an increased radius can mitigate these problems.
  • Dark Sphere can spot unnoticed Geth Hunters sneaking, as well quickly dispose of Geth Primes' Combat Drones and Geth Turrets.
  • Brutes, Cannibals and Ravagers move slow enough for Seeker Swarm to take full effect, and for Dark Sphere to properly prime.

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