Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Alliance Infiltration Unit Infiltrator 

ME3 Alliance Infiltration Unit Infiltrator
The Alliance Infiltration Unit is modeled on the Cerberus synthetic Eva that Commander Shepard's team discovered on Mars. Quantum blue-box AIs are considered illegal by the Council, but the Alliance has secured a special allowance to deploy the infiltration unit in this time of need.
Alliance Infiltration Units favor shotguns and are designed for close-quarters combat. They are durable and able to self-repair when downed.


Heavy Melee and Dodge

  • Cryo Omni-Blade - The Alliance Infiltration Unit's heavy melee uppercuts an enemy with a cryo-infused omni-blade.
  • Acrobatics - The Alliance Infiltration Unit flips to evade incoming attacks and cross obstacles.

Player Notes 

General Notes
  • The Alliance Infiltration Unit is built for close-quarters combat, with the fairly short-range power Snap Freeze, its version of Tactical Cloak, which can grant bonus shotgun damage on Rank 6, and the invulnerability power Repair Matrix.
  • Repair Matrix is a powerful survival tool for this kit. It works in a similar manner to Stimulant Packs, with the added bonus of an instant revival if downed during the duration of the power. This allows the Infiltration Unit to get up-close and personal with enemies without fear of wasting too many consumables.
  • The Alliance Infiltration Unit serves as an excellent support/revival class. Since Repair Matrix prevents you from being knocked out, the Alliance Infiltration Unit's natural speed allows it to easily reach downed players.
  • This unit can do a "one-two punch" of sorts by freezing an unprotected enemy before unleashing a powerful Omni-Blade attack.
  • If one is pursing a melee based focus, level up Tactical Cloak with recharge and damage to become a hard-hittingshotgun ninja.
  • All-in-all, the Alliance Infiltration Unit is one of most well-balanced kits available, combining maneuverability and high damage with survivability and squad support.
  • Snap Freeze is extremely effective against almost every enemy, with only Phantoms shrugging the freezing effects, although they can still be chilled. Atlases and Dragoons can have their armor weakened, softening up these tough enemies for your allies.
  • Snap Freeze will hamper the armor of the Brutes, Ravagers, and Banshees and freeze all other enemies. Its particularly effective against Husks, as they can stop you from using your Repair Matrix which can become your worst nightmare.

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