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In depth with the Asari Adept

Asari Adept 

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Asari are the most influential and respected sentient species in the galaxy. They are native to the planet Thessia and were the first species to discover the Citadel. Their long lifespan and history have allowed them to serve as galactic mediators for centuries. While not as physically powerful as other species, their proficiency with biotics makes them dangerous opponents.
Asari are fierce, graceful warriors. They are incredibly powerful natural biotics. The asari excel at hit-and-run tactics to ruthlessly eliminate their opponents from the battlefield.


Heavy Melee and Dodge 

  • Heavy Biotic Blast - The Asari Adept unleashes a biotic pulse that damages enemies within a certain radius.
  • Biotic Dash - The Asari Adept quickly slides using biotic energy at the expense of barrier strength.

Player Notes 

General Notes
  • The Asari Adept is the best Adept race to play as if you want to focus on Biotic Explosions, since they have two, long-ranged, enemy-seeking powers that will cause a biotic combo reliably - Warp and Throw. Back-and-forth spamming of these two powers can make a player deal out high area of effect damage at any range, chewing through and knocking back enemies with constant explosions.
    • The aforementioned tactic requires no ammo, which means no ammo-dump runs, so if a decent camping location is found, which has ammo sources constantly blocked off by enemy spawns and movement paths, the Asari Adept doesn't need to worry. That being said, allies may still have issues, requiring a different spot be chosen.
    • If evolved correctly, a player can produce a Biotic Explosion every 3 seconds by using Warp then Throw in combination. This will quickly kill any enemies in the blast radius - as such, it is best to perform them on large, slow-moving targets that are surrounded by weaker enemies.
  • The Asari Justicar passive power can increase power damage by more than any other training, making their Warp the strongest in the game, (barring power damage increases from Tech ArmorBarrier, etc.)
  • Raise Stasis to at least rank 3, this way it can keep Cerberus Phantoms, Collector Swarmers and Geth Hunters at bay long enough to kill them.
  • Combining Stasis with a relatively light sniper rifle (such as the M-92 Mantis) can make for easy headshots. The time it takes to fire of a shot and then reloading the Mantis is enough to recharge Stasis fully.
    • If you plan on focusing on Stasis, the Kishock Harpoon Gun is an excellent choice. Stasis negates the biggest drawback of the Kishock: projectile travel time. Furthermore, it is one of the only weapons that can bypass the Shield Gate on Gold, allowing for one hit kills.
    • Alternatively, Stasis can be used to freeze enemies at close range and allow for easy shotgun kills.
  • If you don't want the encumbrance of a sniper rifle, opt for either a high level Arc Pistol, or a Paladin. Both can fire multiple shots before reloading, which is especially useful on Gold for dealing with shielded enemies. Simply hit them with Stasis, and aim for the head.
  • Biotic Explosions can be performed at any range by an Asari Adept - as such, they are perfect for taking out Nemeses, Phantoms and Atlases at long range. This is trickier against any enemy other than Turrets or Atlases, especially on higher difficulties, as they dodge with much higher frequency and the power guidance system is inconsistent.
  • Stasis can be used to immobilise Phantoms, allowing for easy headshots. Be careful, as a Phantom can only be put into Stasis a couple times before becoming immune to it. If players fail to capitalize on this opportunity, a Phantom's greatest weakness can become unusable before the Phantom gets killed.
  • Stasis will also cause Guardians to drop their shields, allowing the player to kill them easily, but only if used from a point where the player can get a clear line of sight on the actual body of the guardian, or any time, if one chooses the rank 6 Stasis Bubble evolution.
  • Throw can be used to knock away any Troopers that get too close. With power evolutions chosen to maximize damage, it can kill in one or two uses. It can also knock enemies out of the map, which causes them to die.
  • Throw can also temporarily knock aside a Guardian's shield, allowing unobstructed shots. It's not the most effective way to kill a Guardian, but it allows an Asari Adept to deal with an alert Guardian without needing an armor piercing mod/amp or a head shot.
  • Stasis is of almost no use here - it can be useful as a trap to stop Husks approaching (when evolved with Bubble) but it does nothing to the armoured units that Reaper forces have, which make up half of the standard enemies. That said, Swarmers running into a Stasis bubble (from the rank 6 evolution) will die instantly, allowing a player to place one in front of a Ravager to kill any Swarmers that appear.
  • Biotic Explosions can be excellent when used against Ravagers, as they will not only deal heavy damage to it but will kill any Swarmers that appear, due to their area of effect nature.
  • Stasis is perfect for stopping any Hunters that get to close to the player, and can even (with the Bubble evolution) be used to block off a passage to them. Any that get caught can be easily headshotted or detonated with Throw.
  • Using Warp and then Throw on a Geth Prime will not only occasionally stagger it but will also destroy any drones or turretsnearby.
  • The Asari Adept makes quick work of Collector forces, stripping armor with a combo of Warp and Throw.
  • By using Stasis (Bubble evolution), one can simply plant the power next to their cover and not worry about incoming Abominations

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