Friday, May 23, 2014

Mass Effect 4: How You Could Be An Alien This Round

It is no secret that Mass Effect 4 is coming for a release and the fans are excited and eager to get their hands on the game. Fans can expect a much improved gameplay with a vast galaxy to explore. It is sad that Commander Shepard won’t make any appearance in the game. However, the idea of a new storyline will give the franchise a fresh new start.
According to GameRant, Mass Effect series executive producer, Casey Hudson has been scouting on what fans want in Mass Effect 4. He stumbled upon a thread calling for more alien race to be made playable. The fans voices were heard as Hudson confirmed the feature will be added on a Tweet.
With more playable alien races, the game’s interactive nature will have to be much broader this time. Players will experience a more unique and diverse narration in Mass Effect 4. As for what alien race that will feature is still unknown.
The most likely entry to playable races will be the Krogan and Vorcha. These races have a different physique, strengths and weaknesses that will make Mass Effect 4 more complex than ever.
Fans need not worry as Bioware will equip Mass Effect 4 with a new game engine which wills open doors to more possibilities. In addition to that, the game developer will preserve that traditional gameplay from the first trilogy.

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