Sunday, May 4, 2014

Mass Effect 4’ dev offers progress update on the game’s development cycle

While Bioware fans know that work on the fourth installment of theMass Effect franchise is currently underway, the developer has chosen to keep details on the upcoming title away from the public. Some gamers may that Bioware’s silence may indicate that the game is too early in the development cycle to talk about. However, Bioware’s Yanick Roy recently confirmed that they are currently in the middle stages of development on the next Mass Effect title according to a report by IGN on April 30.
Despite the fact that progress on the next entry of the Mass Effectseries might be further along that many had previously though, Bioware still isn’t opening up about any new details on the next game in their popular science fiction saga. While the game will be set in theMass Effect universe, it won’t feature Commander Shepard as protagonist. It could also take place during a completely different period rather than simply taking place at point in time following the events of Mass Effect 3.
Roy, who is the studio director of Bioware Montreal, previously stated that the team is more concerned with making the game good instead of fast. The next Mass Effect project is commonly referred to as “Mass Effect 4” but the developer has revealed that it will likely be titled something else when the game releases. This would allow the game to distinguish itself from the first three games in the series which all featured Shepard as the main character. Bioware hopes fans will see the next game a new beginning.
In other Mass Effect news, rumors are currently circulating that the original trilogy will be getting a HD remake that will release on the new generation of consoles. Since other developers are currently working to bring improved versions of their past titles to the Xbox One and PS4, it’s not out of the question to assume that Bioware might be interested in doing the same.

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