Sunday, December 30, 2012

Shield/Barrier Damage Gates

There is a new mechanic for shields and barriers in ME3, which we call the shield gate. Whenever an enemy shield/barrier is destroyed (last point taken off), the rest of the damage that passes through to the health/armor is cut by X%, where X is:

Single Player: 

  • 50% on Normal

  • 75% on Hardcore

  • 100% on Insanity

Multi Player:
  • 50% on Bronze

  • 75% on Silver

  • 75% on Gold

  • 75% on Platinum

This means that if an enemy has a single sliver of shields on Insanity/Gold, any weapon bullet will only take the remaining point off, and then a second bullet is required to start damaging the health/armor. This means that even the most powerful sniper rifle will take 2 shots to kill any shielded enemy on Insanity/Gold. For shotguns, keep in mind that most fire multiple pellets, so even if some of the damage gets cut off on one of the pellets, the remaining pellets should pass through to the health/armor.

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