Sunday, December 30, 2012

Resistance Damage Multipliers

Every weapon and power has a hidden damage multiplier on the 3 resistance types (Armor, Barriers, and Shields). Most of these are 100%, meaning they do normal damage to that resistance type. A value of 50% means half damage to that resistance type, and a value of 200% means double damage. Below are the multipliers for some of our weapons and powers.


Acolyte Pistol (Armor=100%, Barrier=500%, Shields=500%)
Krysae Sniper Rifle  (Armor=150%, Barrier=100%, Shields=100%)
M-358 Talon Pistol (Armor=100%, Barrier=150%, Shields=150%)
N7 Typhoon Assault Rifle (Armor=150%, Barrier=150%, Shields=150%)
Reegar Carbine Shotgun (Armor=50%, Barrier=200%, Shields=200%)
Collector SMG (Armor=150%, Barrier=100%, Shields=100%)

All other weapons not listed here have a value of (Armor=100%, Barrier=100%, Shields=100%)


Annihilation Field (Base) (Armor=150%, Barrier=150%, Shields=100%)
Arc Grenade (Base) (Armor=100%, Barrier=200%, Shields=200%)
Barrier Detonation (Base) (Armor=100%, Barrier=150%, Shields=100%)
Biotic Charge (Base) (Armor=100%, Barrier=150%, Shields=100%)
Biotic Orbs (Base) (Armor=150%, Barrier=150%, Shields=100%)
Biotic Slash (Base) (Armor=150%, Barrier=150%, Shields=100%)
Carnage (Base) (Armor=150%, Barrier=50%, Shields=50%)
Cluster Grenade (Base) (Armor=100%, Barrier=150%, Shields=100%)
Concussive Shot (Base) (Armor=100%, Barrier=400%, Shields=100%)
Dark Channel (Base) (Armor=150%, Barrier=200%, Shields=50%)
Electric Slash (Base) (Armor=100%, Barrier=150%, Shields=150%)
Energy Drain (Base against organics) (Armor=50%, Barrier=300%, Shields=300%)
Energy Drain (Base against robots) (Armor=100%, Barrier=300%, Shields=300%)
Flamer (Base) (Armor=150%, Barrier=100%, Shields=100%)
Incinerate (Base) (Armor=150%, Barrier=50%, Shields=50%)
Inferno Grenade (Base) (Armor=150%, Barrier=100%, Shields=100%)
Lift Grenade (Base) (Armor=100%, Barrier=150%, Shields=100%)
Nova (Base) (Armor=100%, Barrier=150%, Shields=100%)
Overload (Base against organics) (Armor=50%, Barrier=300%, Shields=300%)
Overload (Base against robots) (Armor=100%, Barrier=300%, Shields=300%)
Reave (Base) (Armor=150%, Barrier=200%, Shields=50%)
Sabotage (Base) (Armor=100%, Barrier=100%, Shields=150%)
Shockwave (Base) (Armor=100%, Barrier=150%, Shields=100%)
Smash (Base) (Armor=150%, Barrier=150%, Shields=150%)
Tech Armor Detonation (Base) (Armor=100%, Barrier=100%, Shields=150%)
Warp (Base) (Armor=150%, Barrier=200%, Shields=50%)

All other weapons not listed here have a value of (Armor=100%, Barrier=100%, Shields=100%)

Power Combos

Biotic Explosion (Armor=200%, Barrier=200%, Shields=100%)
Cryo Explosion (Armor=100%, Barrier=100%, Shields=100%)
Fire Explosion (Armor=200%, Barrier=100%, Shields=100%)
Tech Burst (Armor=100%, Barrier=100%, Shields=200%)

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